It's funny how I've been blogging for years, but I've always kind of been on the periphery of bloggery. I used to have blogs on previous incarnations of the Sterling site, which were limited by the fact that I felt strange writing about sundry random things when the topic was ostensibly the comic. Sometimes I would lose it and write about something completely unrelated, then would chastise myself severely and go back to writing about panel transitions, or whatever else I was stupidly obsessed with at the time. Lately I've been keeping up a gaming blog at, which has been a lot more rewarding so far than my sort-of-comic-blog. And I'm surprised by just how much I have to say about gaming; assuming I had the time, I could update Destructoid every day and not be at a loss for material.

However, since I do get the urge, occasionally, to write about something other than video games or my comics (I know: It happens to the best of us), it's high time I started writing an actual BLOG blog. You know, a blog that looks like a blog and smells like a blog, a blog that is a stand-alone entity and not a part of another site or project. A blog that may actually be linked on other people's blogs, and may even link back. I'm excited about something that was old news to everyone else about eight years ago I suppose, but whatever-- excitement is excitement.